May 22, 2012

Belmont Courthouse

From the Nevada State Park’s Web Site:
“Built in 1876, the Belmont Courthouse was the seat of Nye County government until 1905. The building is partially restored and offers a glimpse into Nevada’s colorful past.” 

When I found the courthouse on the web while I was researching the trip, something about jumped out at me. I knew I wanted to get a shot of it.

I wasn’t disappointed when I got this shot. However, I did have a burning desire to explore the interior. The Nevada State Park’s Website says the courthouse is open to the public. If it is, it is “by appointment only.” When I was there, the building was locked up tight.



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  1. Yes, it is a little creepy. I like the vertical format and the frame created by the trees. Nice touch!

  2. Nice one! I agree with the gentlemen above about the creepiness factor. Cool subject, and I like the tree shadows on the road.

  3. I saw a flier that on the 4th of July they will be doing guided tours of this courthouse. It is very cool and supposedly comes complete with a ghost!