May 23, 2012

Dirty Dick’s Belmont Saloon

You know you are in Belmont when you pass Dirty Dick’s. It is one of only a couple of businesses in town and the first one you see after the long drive from Manhattan, or Tonopah, or wherever.

In my research for the trip, I found a photo of the inside of the saloon along with a short writeup of the place. It sounded like it had a lot of character and I was looking forward to a short visit. Unfortunately, Dirty Dick’s was closed on te day I visited Belmont.

Based on saloon’s hours of operation, prominently posted on a sign next to the door, i caught the place on a rare off day.

The sign is obscured by the post in the photo above, but I grabbed a shot of it with my iPhone (below).


I’ll be winding up a week of Belmont (and one Manhattan) photos tomorrow with one of my favorite shots from the trip — a panorama Belmont Ghost Town Panorama.

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  1. lmao that’s awesome. Gotta love the personality of that place. I won’t say anything of the name of course…

  2. This saloon is really awesome they had a great kind of customer service..I would love to go in this place the ambiance is really good..

  3. Hello, I’m so sorry when you visited our town the saloon was closed. I purchased the saloon November 2012. I was raised on a ranch over in Big Smoky Valley, I loved this place as a child and always hoped to own it one day. Well that one day came and I purchased it. My husband and I have done a lot of things to it, like a big solar plant to have power to run the place and new piping and electrical but otherwise it still has it’s charm. We are open seven days a week in the summer months May through September. The winter months we are open Wednesday through Sunday. Please see our website for hours and more information. I would love to meet you one day.