June 5, 2012

From the Window

Even though it was wide open and it was miles from civilization, I was uneasy about entering the big house at the Hess Ranch.

Sure, it appeared to be abandoned, but there was evidence all over the property (in the form of fresh cow plop) that it was part of an active ranch. I wanted to be respectful of the current ownership (even though it was clear that they neglected these building). But the “urban explorer” in me took over. Sure, technically, I knew I was trespassing, but ethically I thought I was doing the right thing by going in and grabbing a couple of shots of the house.

Like the mills I shoot in Lawrence, Massachusetts, there is history here.  It is difficult to walk the grounds of the ranch, or the empty floors of the mills and not think about those who worked there.

So I went in and I grabbed just a couple of shots to capture the feel. And I grabbed this shot of the ranch framed through a broken window.

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