June 6, 2012

Down the Hall

A shot from inside the main house on the Hess Ranch.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was reluctant to venture into the house, but good or bad, it is what I do. So I did. And I’m glad.

As urbex goes, the house wasn’t a goldmine of decay. The downstairs rooms were filled with clutter — some lumber, some appliances — no real character. But the upstairs had a vibe to it.

Joe Walsh told me that John Wholey, who built the Hess Ranch house believed in ghosts and would not go outside after sundown. It was the only thing that frightened the man.

Joe also told me that the house itself has a ghost story associated with it, with a little girl appearing from time to time.  There was a little girl in the Walsh family who died early in life, but not at this house.

No, I didn’t see any ghosts. But I could feel the history.



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  1. I’m enjoying this series so much. You really have done some excellent work here. Looking forward to tomorrow.


    p.s. I love the new look!