June 28, 2012

Tower Bridge

[singlepic id=1794 w=750 float=center]

Not sure what the most photographed London landmark is, but I suspect the Tower Bridge is very close to the top of the list. I’d guess it is second, only to Big Ben.

It’s high ranking is well deserved. It is an impressive structure and a “can’t miss” icon on any trip to London.

This is one of two shots of the bridge I got last Saturday night. Both shots from about the same spot, just a couple of hours apart with different lenses. And for different reasons, which I will get into when I get around to posting the second shot.

The location is courtesy of my friend and very gifted photographer, Mark Blundel. Mark is based in London and does amazing. When I knew I would be visiting London I made sure to reach out to him hoping we’d get the opportunity to shoot together. Mark did not disappoint.

We did a short photo walk along the Themes then spent some time shooting here. I went for a low angle and, with no drama in the sky, opted for a low angle. I also used the 10 stop ND here to smooth out the water. This shot is the result of a 70 second exposure.

Thanks, Mark for your hospitality! Hope I can return the favor sometime!


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  1. One of those place that are so well known you have them in a mental catalogue. Have to say I never thought of doing it in B&W, because the colors are so distinctive. It works. Well done. Also jealous you got to meet my partial namesake.