July 11, 2012

The Eye Peeks Through

[singlepic id=1806 w=600 float=center]
Another Black and White for today. This one was shot from the top of the London tour bus as we passed near the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

I like images that juxtapose old buildings against new, so that little glimpse of the very modern London Eye through the vastly older architecture appealed to me.

I have to say, as reluctant as I was to do the bus tour, I’m glad I did it. Not only did it give me a broad overview of what London has to offer, it prosed a nice photographic challenge. Since you aren’t allowed to stand on the upper deck while the bus is moving, you have to get creative in your framing. The fact that the bus is mobile (although in very slow moving traffic), you have to think quickly. See it, frame it, shoot it. In a few seconds, that good look you had is gone.

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