July 12, 2012

Beneath Kenilworth

[singlepic id=1807 w=750 float=center]

Thought I’d revisit one of the first things I shot on my trip to England.

I really owe this shot to my son, Ryan. I was trying to stay as far away from the throngs of school kids touring the castle grounds as I could. They were really loud. Of course, Ryan noticed it too, but he wasn’t trying to photograph things and could rapidly move past them at will. I, with my camera and tripod, on the other hand had to go where they weren’t.

Anyway, Ryan caught up with me and dragged me to Kenilworth’s dungeon. Or maybe it was just the basement. Or root cellar. I don’t really know. By the time we got there, the school kids had cleared out and it felt like a dungeon.

On a serious note, Kenilworth Castle plays a pretty significant role in England’s history.

This shot is a 7 exposure HDR shot tonemapped in Photomatix Pro with post processing in onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite.

I really enjoyed shooting here. I’ll wind up the week with one more shot from Kenilworth..

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  1. A less than inviting place to spend much time. You’ve captured some wonderfully rich color in this one. Interestingly the majority of the tones are warm, but the blues from the light (and maybe the water on the floor) still make it feel cool. Great shot.