July 16, 2012

Spencer Hot Springs

I thought I’d take a break from images from England this week and take you back to Nevada and maybe show some other stuff.

Or maybe just Nevada. It occurred to me over the weekend that the only shooting I have done since the end of April has been in either Nevada or England. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily. Both of those trips yielded a ton of images, requiring a lot of post processing time.

Anyway, you are looking at Spencer Hot Springs, about 12 miles east of Austin, Nevada. This is actually one of the three natural hot tubs that comprise Spencer. The water is consistently around 105° and, because of the constant flow, very clean. No shocking it with chlorine necessary.

The air temperature on the day I shot this was about 75° with a very strong wind.

Hot tub. warm breeze. beautiful.

On another note, my HDR Collaboration group got together over on Mike (Theaterwiz) Criswell’s site today. Mike offered up a cool shot from Alcatraz for us to play with.  Be sure to check it out.

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