July 18, 2012

El Dorado

Reno’s gorgeous sunset gave way to a spectacular neon light show on the strip.

I had never been to Reno (or Vegas) so seeing all the casinos decked out in neon glory was quite a treat. And since this was to be my only night in Reno, I grabbed a couple of wide primes (the 14mm and 15mm fish) and hit the street.

Last night I went back through the neon shots I got that night, found this one and processed it.

Be sure to click on the image to super size it.

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  1. That’s some serious neon! Great exposure here Bob and as long as I don’t have to hear the machines inside, they are quite eye catching!

  2. Great color, Bob! I’m surprised you didn’t give it your patented B&W treatment (and now I have to wonder what that would look like.)

    In my experience, casinos are best seen from the outside. Something inside always sucks the money out of my pocket.