July 23, 2012

Tower Light

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Just a quick post after a busy weekend, heading into a pretty busy week.

This is a shot from the Tower of London, taken a few weeks ago. Just a simple candle holder in a window of King James’ Throne Room (If I recall correctly).

The Tower is an incredibly friendly place to photography, with only a couple of places in the entire fort where photography is forbidden. I wanted to travel light, so I didn’t plan to bring a tripod. I also assumed that they wouldn’t be allowed. However, I did see several people with tripods on the Tower grounds, but nobody using them indoors. Makes sense to me. Crowds and tripods can be a bad mix. Had I brought one, I doubt I would have set up indoors.

For the record, the HDR shots I took in the Tower (this one included) were all five brackets, handheld. The only lens I brought that day was the 20mm f/2.8. I shot wide open at 2.8 and switched my camera to auto ISO in order to maximize the shutter speed.



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