July 24, 2012

Kinver Edge

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This is, quite possibly, one of  Englands oldest houses. A cave dwelling carved into the soft sandstone centuries ago and, eventually converted to a more proper Hobbit-like domicile. It was part of the Holy Austin Rock Houses at Kinver Edge, a thriving community until sometime in the 1950s. A couple of the homes (inside and out) were restored and are maintained by the National Trust. They are well worth the visit.

I discovered this site in my initial Google search when I knew I’d be traveling to England. The site resonated with me, but the visit almost didn’t happen.

According to my iPhone map and directions, Kinver Edge was about an hour’s drive from Coventry (our home base for the week). Since the site closed at 4:00 PM, my son and I left Coventry around 1:00 PM, fully confident in our left hand driving ability and mastery of the UK highway system (fools). We were totally naive. And we completely underestimated the severity (or even the existence of) mid Friday afternoon Birmingham area traffic.

After a couple of wrong turns, some missed exits and crazy slow traffic, that one hour drive turned into two and a half.

By the time we got there we had about a half hour to explore and shoot the the site.

This is one of about a half dozen shots that, I think, present the site nicely.


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  1. What a fabulous image here, Bob! Boy, if they built houses like that today we wouldn’t need to worry about costly repairs on our modern domiciles, would we. Great post, my friend, I really enjoyed it!