July 25, 2012

Holy Austin House

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This is a companion piece to yesterday’s image from Kinver Edge.  An interior shot of the restored rock house.

If I’m not mistaken, this was the kitchen. Let’s see … stove, table, chairs, morning copy of The Daily Mirror … yup. Kitchen.

Seriously, this was such a pleasure to shoot. It was partly due to the lens I used. As I mentioned yesterday, all I shot with here was the 14mm prime.  It was a natural choice in this really small room. The lens’ distortion helped create some wonderful leading lines that just pulled me into the room. But what made the shot is what you don’t see — the volunteer  from the National Trust. He was there to provide visitors with insights into the lives of those who lived in these unique dwellings, but when I walked into the room with my tripod, camera and freakishly bulbous lens, he smiled and asked, “Would you like me to move?”

I smiled back and replied, “would you mind?”

He didn’t mind at all.


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  1. What an astonishing place, Bob! As you know, this has to be our hands-down favorite subject in the field of photography. I’ve been itching to get a prime 20mm wide angle for awhile now and felt pleased as punch to swing the monitor around to show Mrs. Toad what such a great lens can do!!! Fan-flippin-tastic.