July 27, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

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WOOHOO! The Summer Olympics kick off in London tonight!

I love the Olympics, both winter and summer. But as a runner, I lean more towards the summer games. And naturally, track and field events are my favorites. So I thought this shot, from the British Museum would be a good shot to post today.(Click on the image for a bigger version.)

The statue is the Townley Discobolus. From Wikipedia:

“After the discovery of the Discobolus Palombara a second notable Discobolus was excavated, at Hadrian’s Villa in 1790, and was purchased by the English antiquary and art dealer established in Rome, Thomas Jenkins, at in 1792. (Another example, also found at Tivoli at this date, was acquired by the Vatican Museums.) The English connoisseur Charles Townley paid Jenkins £400 for the statue, which arrived at the semi-public gallery Townley commissioned in Park Street, London, in 1794. The head was wrongly restored, as Richard Payne Knight soon pointed out, but Townley was convinced his was the original and better copy.

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