August 1, 2012

The Way In

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This is the entry way to the guest quarters at Warwick Castle. It is hidden behind a gigantic iron gate and covered by thick vegetation above, creating this gorgeous path.

The day my son and I toured the castle, we went out of our way to get this shot. We did have to hustle a bit, since the gate does close late in the day.

Walking into this “tunnel,” you are immediately struck by the mood created by the lush canopy cover.

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  1. This might sound silly, but where exactly is this on the castle grounds? I know I walked through this way once about 10-12 years ago but this passed Sept. when I took some people to Warwick castle for the day I could not find this “tunnel” I clearly remembered walking through! It was very frustrating and for a while I thought I’d mixed up memories of other places in England with my memory of Warwick – until I saw your photo that is!!!