August 6, 2012

A Chair in the Alcove

[singlepic id=1827 w=600 float=center]
I really enjoy the challenge of reshooting familiar places. And the Stone Mill is one of my favorite places to take on that challenge.  I went back there with a local shooter and fellow mill-rat, Steven Perlmutter a couple of weeks ago. Steven emailed me a few months ago and suggested getting together to shoot the mills. After a couple of postponements due to schedule conflicts, we finally, and very hastily, blocked out couple of hours to hit the mill.

This is one of my favorite shots from the session. With my aging achy runner’s knees, a low POV is not my typical angle on a scene, but I went out of my way on this visit to try to see the mill differently.

Steven and I both keyed on the chair in this alcove in the mill’s attic. Be sure to check out Steven’s version on his site.

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  1. Excellent composition Bob. It’s amazing how 2 photographers can photograph the same subject and tell such a different story.

  2. Wonderfully composed and processed Bob. You and Steven show the benefits of shooting with other photographers – you get inspired.

  3. I really like this composition. Just left Steven’s site and I love how each of you have rendered this scene. Nicely done!

  4. This image explains more about composing to tell a story than several tutorials I’ve read recently, and the story literally leaps out of the image.

    I can imagine the last sentinel, holding out against the inexorable onslaught of time that inevitably led to the mill’s deterioration and will lead to it’s eventual demise, as it will inevitably lead to ours.

    For me, a very powerful image and a reminder to value most those things which will remain after we are gone.

  5. I recognized that chair right away from Steven’s blog! What a great experience it must have been to be able to explore this place with you, Bob. Your work at the Stone Mill is always a highlight for us, it’s something we very much look forward to. Great job!