August 7, 2012

Cold Springs Reborn

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When I started planning my trip to Nevada this past spring, one of the first things on my list to shoot was Cold Springs. I had stopped by this former Pony Express outpost 8 years before on the TREK USA cross country relay. I remembered it (and shot it) as a rustic oasis of food and fuel along a long road of desert.

When I drove up Cold Springs this time, I found a completely different building. Cold Springs had been rebuilt from the ground up.

I stopped in for lunch — a GREAT bowl of chili! — and asked about the transformation.

About six or seven years ago, Cold Springs burned to the ground due to an electrical fire. Plans to rebuild were drawn up quickly, but took some time to execute. The new Cold Springs just re-opened last year.

With my plans to do a comprehensive shoot of the quaint desert outpost that I remembered so fondly dashed, I quickly formulated a “Plan B.”

The original gas pumps were still there. Burned out and no longer working — but still there. They provided a nice contrast between the old and new.

I posted a stylized version of my original shot of Cold Springs from back in 2004 a while ago. You can see it here.


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