August 23, 2012

Pemigiwasset River

[singlepic id=1849 w=600 float=center]
I completely forgot about this shot.

Spending this past weekend in the White Mountains reminded me that I was there for a weekend last summer as well. Not as photographically intense as my latest visit, but I did sneak in some shooting.

When I grabbed this shot of the Pemi, I considered it something of a victory. As secluded as it looks, this stretch of the river runs along the center of Woodstock, NH, where they built a really cool little park. It is a network of big flat rocks and gently flowing water, making it extremely conducive to swimming, thus a very popular spot.

This was shot later in the day as the rain started coming in. When I got there, the crowds were thinning. I set up my tripod waited patiently.

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  1. The Pemi is one of my favorite spots to shoot as you have opportunities for long exposures, fall foliage, etc. I really like the perspective here from the middle of the river. Nice work man.