August 24, 2012

The Golden Cross

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Another Friday, another pub shot. This is by no means planned. It just so happens I have a few shots of pubs from my recent travels to Nevada and England. But I do like the theme.

This one is from Coventry, UK. In all honesty, it wasn’t the fact that it was a pub that caught my attention. It was the original tudor architecture. Certainly not unique in England’s cities and towns. But Coventry was leveled in The Blitz during World War II.  Much of it’s medieval charm was lost in the shelling. The Golden Cross survived — Remarkably, considering it sits only a couple hundred yards from the Coventry Cathedral, which was all but completely destroyed in the attack.

So the Golden Cross survives and thrives. I was told by our friend and self appointed tour guide, Jean Arrowsmith, that The Golden Cross “used to be a great place to drink until the college crowd took over.”

I thought, how bad can it be? So after I grabbed this shot I ventured inside for a pint. Sure enough, it had that distinctly college dive vibe. Loud music, sticky floor, and a faint smell of urine.

I passed on the pint. But I’m glad I got this shot.

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