August 27, 2012

Night Sky over White Mountains

[singlepic id=1852 w=600 float=center]
I really love astral photography, but living so close to the city I rarely get the chance to try my hand at it. In fact, I am kicking myself that i didn’t do more of it while I was in Nevada this past spring.

So when I found myself in New Hampshire’s White Mountains a couple of weeks ago, I made a point to take a late night drive over the Kancamangus Highway, a 32 mile stretch through National Forest. No towns, just mountains and road.

I grabbed this shot at a scenic overlook about halfway over the highway. The distant lights were barely visible it the naked eye, but jumped off of the LCD.

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  1. Thanks guys … Edith, the exposure was 45 seconds, f/4 at 1600 ISO. The lens was the Nikon 16-35. Its a little slow.

    I think45 seconds was JUST a bit too long. You can see the stars starting to take on an egg shape, but I’m happy with it overall.

  2. This is beautiful Bob! The high ISO is perfect – with astral photography you really have to experiment until you get in the ballpark 🙂