August 28, 2012

The Tower of London

[singlepic id=1854 w=750 float=center]

When I knew I was going to be in London this past spring, I made a point of contacting Mark Blundell, a great London-based photographer and friend from the Interwebs.

Mark took me on a brief photo walk along the Themes where we grabbed a few shots and a couple of pints. This was one of the shots (before any pints) that I got that night.

After I got home and started going through the images, I didn’t flag this one as a “favorite.” But over time, it grew on me. Maybe it was the timing. The walkway wasn’t teeming with tourists at the time. In fact, The Tower appeared to be hosting private function.

Processing was pretty straightforward. 5 brackets run through Photomatix Pro followed by some tonal adjustments in Lightroom. I gave it a subtle texture treatment in onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite.

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  1. Nice shot – its a pretty classic view of the tower executed (get the pun) very nicely. Well worth waiting for the people to get out of the way.