September 5, 2012

The Cliffs from Doolin Bay

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My friend and fellow photographer, Lee Brown is in Ireland this week on a family trip. And I’m not ashamed to say I am insanely jealous.

I was there in 2007, also on a family trip, and loved every minute of it. So much so, I would go back to Ireland for a second time before going to most other countries for a first time (except maybe Alaska*).

Anyway … In chatting with Lee over Facebook yesterday afternoon, I learned that he is heading to the Cliffs of Moher today.  I suggested he also visit the village of Doolin, a little village just up the road from the Cliffs. It is a gorgeous little seaside village with a spectacular view of the Cliffs from the bay.

And that got me thinking about my own images from our stop there, so I dipped back into the way back machine for this one and reprocessed it last night.


*Yes, I know that Alaska is not a country.

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