September 6, 2012

The Salt Flats

My photo trip to Nevada this past spring was part adventure and part nostalgia. For the former, I researched area ghost towns and other things in central Nevada to shoot. For the latter, well, that was easy. I wanted to shoot that stretch of Route 50 … the same stretch I ran across back in 2004 on a cross country relay run.

That part was easy. To get to Austin Nevada, my base of operation for my trip, I had to drive the exact route we ran on the relay back in 2004.

My image today is from a point on Route 50 that I remembered vividly.  I had finished one of my three 7 mile legs that day at the crest of a long incline, rising out of these salt flats. For the entire hour I was running I was, of course, looking forward. It was only when I stopped to meet the support van that I turned around to see the the spectacular ground I had covered.

This shot had been in my head for since that day in May, back in 2004.




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  1. Beautiful capture, Bob. It’s pretty country, but being a hillbilly I start feeling a little exposed after too much time in flat land. I need a something bigger than a tumbleweed to hide behind.