September 10, 2012

Pacific Blue

I got the urge to shoot some blue hour last night, so I hit the nearby Pacific Mill complex in Lawrence. It is one of my “safe” places … a nearby spot where I can challenge myself to find a new compositions.

I broke out my 24mm T/S lens for this one. It had been gathering dust for a few months. And I can’t think of a better subject for the lens.

The  Pacific Mill complex is almost canyon-like in stature with its five massive, interconnected buildings rising up about 100 feet above the street. The best time to shoot it is at night, for a couple of reasons.

Because the Pacific Mill is a thriving office complex, the main alley of the complex is usually lined with cars during the day. Cars are fine, they are unnecessary clutter for a shot like this (unless maybe they are a couple of Model T Fords).

The other reason is the lighting. And HDR. OK, the other TWO reasons are the lighting and HDR. Between the security lights and the hit or miss window lighting, the alleys of the Pacific take on a bit of an eerie glow. Processing in HDR really helps bring out the colors thrown off by the lights.


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