Washington Windows

In 24mm PC-E, architecture, lawrence, urbex by Robert LussierLeave a Comment

So far, my posts this week have all been mill related, so I thought I’d continue that theme for the rest of the week.

I don’t have much to say about this shot other than it is something I have been meaning to get back to. That is, photographing the facades of these great old mill buildings. I feel it is important to document the look of these relics before they are all renovated with quadruple pane thermal glass, sand blasted and sanitized. Or completely gone.

This is one of the buildings in the Washington Mill complex. The others were either renovated into apartments or completely razed. ┬áThe last business to occupy this building was a paper pulping company. It has been vacant now for about 10 years. I believe it has changed hands again, but I have no idea what its future is … renovation or demolition.

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