September 21, 2012

From Fan Pier

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So what happens when seven photographers make arrangements to converge on the same spot to shoot the same thing at the same time? Well basically, seven photographers get some very similar images. And then they split up and try to make the scene their own. A change in perspective, camera orientation, lens selection and (back home) processing all are factors in determining the final images.

This was the case on Tuesday night when I met up with Dave Wilson (visiting from Austin, TX), Rich Williams, Steve Perlmutter, Brian Arsenault, and Stewart Mellentine (and I think I am missing someone) when, through the wonders of Twitter, we converged on Fan Pier in Boston this past Tuesday night. Fan Pier is a great place to shoot the Boston Skyline.

Anyway, after a few minutes of shooting from the exact same spot, we scattered (or changed lenses, whatever).

I stuck with a similar lens selection (wide) and moved a little further down the pier. This is one of the images I grabbed. It is one of my favorite angles of this classic scene. I just love the way the light dances on the water.

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  1. I knew you were up to something when I saw you walk closer to the skyline. Nice exposure and details, and I’m digging the colors reflected in the water.