September 26, 2012

Everett Windows

[singlepic id=1880 w=750 float=center]

When I invited Dave Wilson up to shoot the mills with me on his recent trip to Boston, I had no idea there would be a connection between Dave and the mills. But, on his train ride from Boston to Lawrence, Dave scoured the web for information on America’s Industrial Revolution and the Lawrence Mills. He discovered that his home town of New Lanark, Scotland served as a model what was to become Lawrence. Two of the City’s founders traveled to the UK to see how things were being done. They were disgusted with the conditions of the Manchester, England operations so they moved on to Scotland and found New Lanark.

That connection explains, in part, the child-like enthusiasm Dave exhibited while shooting the mills that day. The other part is the fact that, like me, Dave can appreciate the challenge of a new photographic playground.

Without consulting each other, we both shot these windows. After comparing notes, we decided it would make a good cross-post collaboration, so here we are.

My version … a wide, angled panorama, captured with my 24mm PC-E lens. Dave’s, a long lens compressed take on it. It’s all about patterns and light.

Be sure to check out Dave’s shot. And click on mine to see it larger.

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  1. I love the way you’ve both interpreted this so differently. Excellent perspective and I really like the soft glow coming from the windows.

  2. “Child-like enthusiasm”, eh? While I’m happy to admit that I spent the whole day averaging something like 7fps, I’m also willing to bet that when and if I get you inside the Texas State Capitol, you’ll be bouncing around like a kindergartner on Mountain Dew too. 🙂