September 28, 2012


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Even though I’ve passed by this phone in the Stone Mill dozens of times over the past few years I would probably not have grabbed this shot if I hadn’t noticed Dave Wilson crawling on the floor and otherwise contorting himself to get shots of the details of this great old building. It made me realize that I was missing the story within the story at the Stone Mill.

The actual moment I realized that came when Dave looked down on the floor and saw a pair of keys bolted to the floor in the office. In all my days of shooting here, I never noticed it. Dave captured it masterfully.

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  1. You may not have seen the keys but I guess we’re even since I didn’t see this phone! Great colour treatment in this shot, by the way. I stuck with monochrome for the shots I’ve processed from this room so far since I don’t remember much colour but you found some.

  2. It’s funny in life you can get criticized for being too detailed and not see the big picture, whereas here the story was in the small detail.