October 31, 2012

Marine Memorial

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I’m back from a long weekend in DC where I did some night shooting on the National Mall on Friday, watched the Marine Corps Marathon (and supported Team Chris) on Sunday,  then weathered Hurricane Sandy on Monday.

With the storm roaring through, I was destined to be stuck in DC for the remainder of the week. When my original flight was cancelled, then the re-booked flight was cancelled. That was re-booked for Thursday morning. In the meantime. On Saturday, anticipating the storm and probably flight cancellations, I had booked a seat on Amtrak for today. Of course, that also fell through.

So, rather than wait until Thursday to get home, I rented a car and drove home yesterday. A friend of mine (also in DC for the race) was stranded as well, so we shared the cost of the car made our way back to Boston.

So, this shot was taken in the middle of the storm on Monday. The hotel is located about a quarter mile from the Marine Memorial. I was bored and feeling adventurous so I (stupidly) fought the storm and trudged up there to get this shot.

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