November 1, 2012


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After a great dinner with friends last Friday night, I headed to the National Mall to do some night photography. I made my way to the Smithsonian stop on the Metro and got my first shot before leaving the station.

I wanted to be there earlier in the evening, but at 9:30, when the train pulled in, I was virtually the only person there. That made it easy to surreptitiously set up my tripod against the rail (tripods are a no-no in there).

Then, as fate would have it, two trains arrived in sequence, creating some cool shadows and a bit of motion. Be sure the click on the image to supersize it.

Processing notes: After running 7 brackets through Photomatix Pro, I applied some basic adjustments in the beta version of onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 7 . Contrast, detail enhancements and a blue filter to remove color cast. I’ve always loved onOne Software’s products and the latest version does not disappoint.

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