November 8, 2012

Clouds Over the Pacific

I have a confession to make. I am a thief. A bandit. A robber.

It happened on a bright September morning at the Pacific Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts. My friend, Dave Wilson was standing there, gazing up beyond the brick behemoth that is the Pacific Mill, his camera, also pointed to the heavens. I stopped. I looked up. I stole his composition.

Dave, can you ever forgive me?

You can see Dave’s version here. While you are there, be sure to take in as much of Dave’s work as you possibly can. You won’t be disappointed.





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  1. I love the cyanotype/monochrome finish, Bob – very effective. I must do a mono version of my one too. I also think you were luckier with the clouds. I stood there for ages (as I’m sure you remember) waiting for a decent cloud) but never really got exactly what I was looking for. I guess I should have waited another 5 minutes.

  2. PS: You may have “stolen” this but I spent the whole day trying to steal as many of your compositions as possible so let’s agree that we were offering mutual inspiration. How does that sound?