November 12, 2012

Methuen Memorial Music Hall

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After two years of back and forth with the Hall’s board of directors, I finally got a chance to photograph this gorgeous place. It wasn’t a question of IF I could shoot here, it was a question of WHEN. Our schedules never seemed to match.

Even at that, I was unable to block out enough time to do a comprehensive shoot, but I got the image I envisioned — This sweeping, floor to ceiling vertical panorama.

The Methuen Memorial Music Hall in Methuen, Massachusetts is, quite possibly, the only building in the world that was built for the sole purpose of housing a pipe organ. Albeit, a magnificent pipe organ. The building was commissioned by Edward Francis Searles, one of the city’s benefactors. You can read about the history of the organ, the hall and Edward Searles here:
I am extremely grateful to the Board for affording me the opportunity to shoot here.
I have a couple of other shots from this brief but fabulous shoot. They will make their way to the Blog eventually.

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