November 15, 2012

Night Falls

[singlepic id=2030 w=750 float=center]

I have a few shots of this waterfall, but this — the first — remains my favorite, taken back in 2007.

It is the Great Dam on the Merrimack River in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The massive granite dam was built in the mid 1800s to harness the river to power the textile mills that built the city that was at the forefront of America’s Industrial Revolution. It’s like a circle of life thing, I guess.


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  1. Talk about capturing the pure essence of raw power here, Bob, you’ve got it goin’ on my friend! I love that sense of massive scale that comes to life in this shot. Quite seriously, I could literally hear the roar of the water as I sat here taking it all in. Truly a wonderful image, Bob.