November 30, 2012


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By now, this old mill has gone quiet completely.

When I was shooting there back in October, the business was in shut-down mode. The funky machines were slated for scrap (some were saved for posterity) and the big machines on the lower floor (like this one) were being dismantled. I’m pretty sure that, outside of final paperwork, the process is complete by now.

Places like this are among my favorite subjects to shoot (as you probably know). In a year or so, the interior of this mill will probably have a shiny new look. It will be stripped down and rebuilt. It will take on a new life as a suite of offices or maybe condos. But for a couple of mornings in October I was able to capture it as it was for almost 100 years. And for that I am grateful to the family who ran this place for the better part of a century for inviting me into their world.

In case you missed them, here are the other images from the mill:

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