December 3, 2012

The Foundry

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This week is going to be a bit of a pot luck week. No consistent theme. A couple of images from a recent shoot, a couple from earlier in the year.

Starting with this one. It is from an abandoned building in Lawrence, MA which I explored a couple of weeks ago with Steve Perlmutter. The building was a foundry back in the day. Throughout the building you’ll find evidence of wooden molds for anything from big manhole covers to little identification plates and machine parts. On the upper floor I found this stack of very big molds in a room that was apparently the woodworking shop. It is cluttered with sawdust covered debris. It is a surreal scene.

All in all, it is not the most target rich place I’ve ever shot, but Steve and I found some interesting things. Be sure to check out his shot for today from the foundry.

On another note …
I spent some time this weekend putting together my 2013 Mill Calendar – a whole year of some of my favorite shots of the mills covering my 3-4 years of shooting these great old buildings. It is available at, just in time for the Holidays. You can check out a preview of the images here.



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