December 4, 2012

Analog in the UK*

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Dipping back into UK catalog today for a shot from Warwick, England. I shot this on the first day there while in a jet-lag haze. My son and I barely had time to check into the hotel berore we were whisked out for a quick tour of the area. Our guide was a lovely local woman, Jean Arrowsmith, who was working with my wife, which was the reason for this opportunity (but that’s neither here, not there). Anyway, I knew it wasn’t going to be a “photography” day, but in my vastly sleep deprived state, I had the common sense to slap the 28-300mm lens on the camera for a walking tour of Warwick.

It was a great start to the trip and, surprisingly enough, I was able to get quite a few good shots with the relatively slow lens I was carrying. This is one of them. A common scene in England, but coming from the land of cable TV, it had to be shot!

* With apologies to the Sex Pistols


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  1. I hate to spoil the title, Bob, but these folks are definitely watching digital TV. The last of the UK’s analog transmitters was turned off in September of this year as far as I can tell.