December 5, 2012

In This Temple

[singlepic id=2064 w=750 float=center]

Well, it looks like this week without a theme is turning into a black and white week. I guess I’ll keep that going through Friday.

This is another shot from my DC trip at the end of October. It is the third shot I’ve posted from the Lincoln Memorial and, while not my favorite, I think it is definitely blog-worthy.

I had this shot in mind as I was shooting the Monument from across the reflecting pool. Zooming in from there, I noticed the tourists milling about the steps and thought a shot Lincoln looking down on them might be kind of cool. When I got to the Lincoln Memorial side of the reflecting pool,  I set up and zoomed in to 300mm to get the compression I was looking for. Ideally, I would have liked more motion from the people on the steps, but it was late. I’m sure they were tired. And there is always next year.


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