December 17, 2012

Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse

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I did something yesterday morning that I almost never do. I got up in the middle of the night (or so it seemed) to go and shoot the sunrise. Actually, the real reason was to shoot an abandoned factory, but since we had to get up early anyway, why not go nuts. It wasn’t my idea. Steve Perlmutter was the evil genius behind the plan. We dragged our friend, Mike Tully into it as well. Why should Steve and I be the only ones shivering in the cold.

So we met at 5:45 AM and headed to Cape Ann to shoot. Enroute we decided Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse would be a good place to start. It was clear even before we hit the road that the weather was not going to cooperate. It looked to be a colorless, cloud covered morning. It would be a good morning for B&W conversion. Ao here is a B&W shot of Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse at low tide.

We shot the lighthouse for about an hour then made our way to the factory — a location none of us had been to. We had high hopes and we were not disappointed. But for those images, you’ll have to wait.

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