January 2, 2013

The Manchurian Chip

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So, my New Year on the Blog is getting off to a slow start. That is not by design, but due to life’s circumstances.

I’m sad to report that my father-in-law, David “Rusty” Flaherty passed away over the New Year weekend at age 82.

In the 30 years I knew him, he survived a heart attack, Cancer in both his prostate and esophagus (different times, of course) and — more recently — a bout with pneumonia. As resilient as he was, a new diagnosis of leukimia was too much for him. When he passed, he was surrounded by his immediate family. Truly a blessing for all of them. He was a devoted husband (to Dorothy, for almost 60 years), a loving father (to Steven, Jean and Ellen) and wonderful grandfather of six. He was an avid golfer, a good friend and a great guy.

Dave was a character. To know him, you would think that butter and scotch were the cornerstones of the food pyramid … Scotch in moderation (and sometimes with milk) and butter on everything. Including butter.

Late in his retirement, he decided to become an author. Knowing full well his audience would probably be limited only to his immediate family and perhaps his golfing buddies, he wrote “The Manchurian Chip.”  He “published” it by burning the word document to CDs. I was both amused and honored when he asked me to do the illustration for the cover, featured today. He was also the Art Director on the project. In case you can’t guess the genre from the title, “The Manchurian Chip” is a cyber-crime novel. It was a challenging endeavor, considering Dave sometimes had difficulty navigating his own email.

But that was Dave. And that’s what we’ll miss.

Tomorrow through Saturday I’ll be traveling with my three sons to North Carolina to pay our respects. I’ll resume business as usual, here on the blog, next week.

In the meantime, raise a scotch on the rocks to David “Rusty” Flaherty.

And drop me an email if you want a copy of “The Manchurian Chip.” It’s not available on Amazon, but I have connections.

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