January 10, 2013

Spirits Vittles and Gas

I ask you, how often do you get to post an image with the word “Vittles” in it?

In this case, maybe twice, because I am not sure if I have published this one before. If I did, it was the color version with a slightly different crop so — technically — this is a new image, here on the blog.

It is another BW conversion of images from my Nevada trip last Spring. It has almost a year since that trip and I still have not exhausted all of the images from it. And I guess, if I keep going back and re-processing them, I may never be done!


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  1. I’m with Steven, I think this shot looks fantastic in B&W. There is a timelessness to the shot. There is also a wonderful contrast between all the different textures in the image which may not have been so noticeable in color.