January 17, 2013


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Yesterday’s Black and White shot of the Pacific Mill was so much fun, I thought I’d convert another one from that same day. This one, an interior shot from the sixth floor of the Everett Mill.

I’m lucky. I know that.

Before I had access to the Everett Mill, I used to venture over to the complex and shoot the exterior. Occasionally I would climb the fire escape to try to get more of a bird’s eye view of the area. When I did that, I would peek into the windows of the empty floors (the Everett currently houses several businesses).

The empty space intrigued me on a couple of levels. Of course, on the one hand I wanted to photograph the space. But the other level was deeper. Looking into the empty space on the sixth floor of the Everett Mill I couldn’t help but visualize that space 100+ years ago, teeming with mill workers (mostly immigrent women and children). These mills are part of our history.  The conditions and events that surrounded The Everett and other mills in Lawrence helped shape labor policy and even advance science. Countless people from across the country can trace their roots to the city of Lawrence and the floors of these mills.

Yes. I’m lucky to be able to shoot these mills. As a photographer, they’ve become my home.



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  1. Another perfect B&W, Bob. I am amazed as the the condition of the building – these does not seem to be many, if any, broken windows and the floor is remarkable clear of debris. Its as if the mill only closed a few days ago.

  2. What a terrific shot, Bob. You can totally feel the presence of everyone who toiled and earned a living working these floors. I absolutely love your work, my friend, top drawer.