January 18, 2013

Sand Mountain

It can be just a blur as you cruise along Rte 50 outside of Fallon, Nevada at 70, 80 or 100 MPH. But if you are paying attention, Sand Mountain is something to stop and check out. It is a mountain made of sand, whose profile constantly changes with the wind.  It is also the only home to a particular species of butterfly. How cool is that?

Sand Mountain is a recreation area. The buzzing of sand dunes can be heard from Rte 50, a good mile from the mountain itself.  It is 600 feet high and a couple of miles wide. From what I’ve read, the hike to the top takes about a half hour.

I wish I had more time to explore it. I think I could have easily killed at least a half day shooting the dunes. But I had a plane to catch. I was very happy to get this mid-morning shot of the stark white dunes against the rock and brush of the “other” Nevada mountains.


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  1. Gorgeous image. I have driven through Fallon a number of times on my way to Burningman, but have never gotten off of US95. Your image convinces me that I will add a little bit of time to my next trip there. I had no idea that existed.