January 25, 2013

Stone Window

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Today’s image is a new one from the Stone Mill in Lawrence. Most of my shots from this location are HDR, appropriately enough, I might add. Locations like this are perfect candidates for HDR. Anyway, in keeping with my recent foray into Black and White, here you go.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned something about a meeting and a possible announcement today if it went well. Local photographer, friend and fellow mill enthusiast, Steven Perlmutter and I met with the owner of the Everett and Stone Mills in Lawrence to discuss the possibility of conducting Photography Workshops at those same buildings that have helped define my photographic style. I’m happy to report that the meeting did go well.

So I am pleased to announce Historic Mills Photography Workshops!

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Stay tuned to this site and Steven’s for more details in the coming days / weeks.



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  1. Great shot, Bob. I really like this B&W rendering.

    Congrats to you and Steven on the workshops, that’s awesome. I saw the posting on his site and thought I would swing by here as well.

    Wishing you guys all the best on what sounds like a fun-filled opportunity. 🙂