January 30, 2013


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My images from the Stone Mill might lead you to believe that the place is abandoned, maybe even haunted. But it is very much occupied. There are about a dozen small businesses thriving on the lower two floors including a bridal shop and a commercial photographer. It is the top two empty floors that we shoot. They each have their own distinct charm. They also have their challenges in terms of renovation. Since the Stone Mill is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places it must maintain certain standards.

This is the freight elevator in the Stone Mill. The light was left on and the door was open when we visited for a quick shoot on Saturday. The elevator links the old and the new. Oh, and the really cool spiral staircase helps.

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  1. Yep, looks like something you would see in a horror flick! Like the colors in this though. Pretty interesting to know that there are shops in the building.