February 6, 2013

Sullivan’s Tap

[singlepic id=2132 w=650 float=center]

I have more “toy story” images from the mill in process (if you are looking for a followup to those images). But for today, I thought I’d share this image from a short solo photo walk around the Boston Garden a couple of weeks ago.

Walks like this one are one of the reasons I’m glad I bought the light weight, yet very powerful Olympus OM-D. I brought it to the Bruins’ home opener and did some shooting before meeting my friend, Brian (who has excellent season ticket seats) for the game. And what better to capture on a pre-game photo walk around the “Gaaadin” than Sullivan’s Tap?

Sully’s is the quintessential pre-game dive watering hole. And it has been there forever. How long? Well … I think it pre-dates me. I would not be surprised if I got thrown out of here before and/or after a Bruins’ game back in the day, as they say.

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