February 13, 2013

The Misty Coast

This is another older (reprocessed) image from Acadia National Park. Yup, I’m on a roll this week!

I vividly remember shooting it back in 2008. My son Ryan and I got to Acadia later than we hoped and then got completely turned around trying to find Blackwoods Camp Ground. By the time we got the tent set up it was getting dark. And it looked like rain. Being the good father that I am, I insisted that we head to the shore before heading into Bar Harbor for dinner. Blackwoods sits  right along the Park Loop Road, so it was a very short walk to the shore.

It was a very brief shoot. And this is the only image I have to show for it. After all, I had a hungry 11 year old to tend to and a Father of the Year award to win!

I’ve found myself going back to this image on occasion. I was never 100% happy with the way I processed that single RAW file (I had no filters and I didn’t know HDR from HBO back then).  Since then I made several attempts to process this  — camera raw, faux HBO, Ocean Ripple Distort filter, Stained Glass filter, you name it — Nothing brought be back to the scene I remembered seeing on that summer night. While my kid bordered on malnutrition. Until this one.

So I’m done. If you ask me what the Maine coast looked like that night, I can show you this image. It was a great way to start a vacation.

Be sure to click on the image to supersize it.

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  1. Another beauty Bob! Love the contrast and tones in the rocks – seems that threatening weather suits these types of images, at least to my eye. Well done!

  2. What a beautiful image, Bob. After the many attempts, and we’ve all likely been there, this is looking super-good, man. The rocks are, well… rockin!