February 21, 2013

Pemberton View

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I warned told you yesterday that I converted almost everything I shot at the Duck Mill to B&W, so here is the second shot from the series.

The Duck Mill stands next to the Pemberton Mill in Lawrence, MA. The Duck’s history pales to that of the Pemberton Mill, seen out the window. The Pemberton mill collapsed in 1860 killing more than 120 people.

From CelebrateBoston.com: “The 1862 Boston Almanac describes the accident: ‘The Pemberton Mills at Lawrence, Mass., through a defect in the cast-iron columns supporting the interior of the building, fall-in while nearly 800 operatives are at work, and bury many in the ruins. About four hours after the fall, a fire breaks out, and destroys those not extricated from the ruins. More than 115 people perish by the awful catastrophe, and 165 are more or less injured.'”

Why do I shoot the mills? The history is why.

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