February 26, 2013


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The images I shot at the Duck Mill with Steve Perlmutter a couple of weeks ago were just crying for Black and White treatment. And who am I to ignore crying images?

I really like this one for its simplicity in shape and composition, textures and tone. Especially in Black and White.

I’m also somewhat obsessed with the Pemberton Mill. The one across the alley. It has a storied past, as I’ve written about before.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe shooting the interior is in the cards. It is used as storage facility for Iron Mountain.


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  1. Fascinating image, Bob. I see at least three faces (not really people, but elements that combine to resemble faces). I don’t think they would have stood out so well in a color image. It’s a trifle disconcerting, which makes for a very strong image that holds the attention. Great work!