February 28, 2013

Pemberton Redux

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Here is a reboot of an old shot of the storied Pemberton Mill in Lawrence. I came across it last night and decided to see what I could do with it using onOne Software’s Perfect B&W. Yup, I said “Perfect B&W.” As in “Black and White.”

After applying my tone, color response and other adjustments in the tool, I checked out “blending” options and selected “multiply.” This is basically what I got, although I made other adjustments after the initial click.

Perfect B&W applies the effects you choose to a separate layer in the base photoshop file. The “Blending” option allows you to apply the B&W layer to the color layer below. The same blending effects as Photoshop are available … Multiply, Color Burn, Linear Burn, etc. Except with onOne, when you select each mode, you see the effect applied in real time. Confusing? Maybe I’m not explaining it right. Maybe I should do a video.

Anyway, this the color image I did using my favorite black and white conversion tool, Perfect B&W 1.

Full disclosure, I am an onOne affiliate. If you purchase any of their software by clicking on the link or banner, I do get a small commission. That said, I swear by their products. I use at least one of modules in onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 7 on almost every image.



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