March 5, 2013

The Albany

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I made a point to go out for an evening photo walk while I was in Coventry last spring. While I was out I made my way to the neighborhood pub for a pint, of course.

The Albany is the quintessential neighborhood pub. Everyone in the pub appeared to know one another and my entrance was initially greeted puzzled stares. As I was ordering a pint one guy was quizzically eyeing my camera as he asked, “Are you a photographer?”

“Yes, I am,” I replied.

With my decidedly yankee accent, I was happy to tell people how I found my way to Coventry and The Albany.

The barmaid confided in me that she was embroiled in a Facebook battle with another woman who accused her of shagging her boyfriend. Some nasty business there. I offered sympathy, ordered another pint and asked if I could photograph the cool dartboard in the corner.

She said yes, then explained that The Albany boasts a lot of artists among its clientele. They are responsible for the cool chalk art around the dartboard. The artwork changes every couple of weeks.

I like to think I preserved a fleeting masterpiece here.

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