March 8, 2013

The London Eye

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I was told that the Tripod Police are usually out in full force in this section of South London. The very touristy section along the Themes where great views of the Parliament building and Big Ben can be found and the London Eye lives.

I tempted fate the night I shot this and other images on that photo walk. I kept the tripod legs short and mounted it on the wide stone wall while I shot the Parliament and Big Ben. When I was done, I spun the head upward and grabbed this shot of the London Eye. No Tripod Police came near me.



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  1. Probably a little late for the tripod police – I’ve heard that they are afraid of the dark!! 🙂

    Enough of the jokes. I have seen quite a few images of the London Eye but this one ranks among the best. I think it is because of the time of day you chose to make the shot. This has the glow from the lights on the Eye giving just enough emphasis to the metal work without being garish. Any later and the metal beams would have been much too bright or even completely burnt out.